About us

  China Shanxi Qibei Crafts Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise specializing in research, development, production and sales of high, middle and low barrier technology ashes box.


  The company has advanced production equipment, unique design thinking, strong technical force and strict quality management. On the basis of inheriting the classic varieties and styles of Ming and Qing dynasties, it continuously carries out original design, and integrates traditional and modern styles to produce many new styles, which are both beautiful and practical. The products have exquisite patterns, wide subject matter and rich cultural connotations, and will be deeply carved in technology. Hollow-out carving and relief technology show incisively and vividly, in polishing, polishing, painting, on the basis of traditional production technology to explore a set of their own unique production process and production process. Make the product feel delicate and moist, noble and elegant, durable.


  We combine good design concept with traditional exquisite craftsmanship to create "exquisite, exquisite, classical" product characteristics. From beginning to end, we regard "exquisite carving" as our technical requirements, customer satisfaction as our service pursuit, and "quality for survival" as our business philosophy.


  The company warmly welcomes new and old customers to negotiate orders and sample processing business, and to our company's products and services more valuable advice, we will be superior quality, the lowest price, meticulous service, and sincere cooperation with you.